Trigger X Introduces Aggression Soft Bait

2055559Minnetonka, Minn. – This year, Trigger X® Aggression sets the soft bait market on fire with a barrage of new product introductions, rounding out an angler’s arsenal for any application.

“Trigger X Aggression soft baits simply are amazing,” said Al Lindner, legendary angler and National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer. “Their natural action and totally unique pheromone blend turn bass on like no other soft bait I’ve used.”

2055560Meticulously fine-tuned for the ultimate performance, Trigger X soft baits portray a mesmerizing action through the water. Immersed in Ultrabite® Pheromones, each bait features a ribbed surface area that creates a softer, lifelike feel while increasing lure surface area, which allows for increased pheromone distribution.

“The cocktail of pheromones emitted by Trigger X Aggression combines aggression and fear pheromones that mimic the natural predator vs. prey response,” said Lindner. “Put simply, it triggers bass and other species into monster feed mode.”

Packaged in resealable bags, Trigger X Aggression comes in multiple shapes, sizes and pro-inspired color patterns that will test an angler’s drag to the max.

This year, trigger the bite will all-new Trigger X Aggression soft baits.

Trigger X Aggression Hodad
At 4 inches long, the Hodad features a solid head, durable, thick-walled tube and alluring, slow-responding appendages that draw fish in. Built for versatility and abuse in heavy cover, the Hodad can be flipped, pitched, cast or Carolina rigged. The Hodad is available in 13 must-have color patterns and comes six pieces per package.
Suggested retail price: $5.99

Trigger X Aggression Probe Worm
Ideal for drop shot and split shot presentations, the Probe Worm features a thin floating body that is the ultimate finesse worm in clear water. The Probe Worm is available in a variety of extremely translucent finesse dual or solid colors infused with fine glitter. At 4 inches long, the Probe Worm comes 14 baits per bag.
Suggested retail price: $5.99

Trigger X Aggression Paddle Tail Worm
With an extra buoyant body, this bait is ideal for drop shot, split shot, shaky jig and Texas rigging. The Paddle Tail Worm combines the beautiful finesse action of a worm with the high vibrating thump of a paddle tail. At 5 inches long, the Paddle Tail Worm is available in 12 dual or solid colors and comes 14 pieces per bag.
Suggested retail price: $5.99

Trigger X Aggression Twin Tail Grub
Perfect as a jig or spinnerbait trailer, the Twin Tail Grub produces a seductive kicking leg action at high or slow speeds. At 4 inches long, the Twin Tail Grub is available in 11 colors and comes 10 pieces per bag.
Suggested retail price: $5.99

Trigger X Aggression Flappin’ Grub
This beaver-tail-style grub produces a unique, hard-flapping tail action that produces extreme vibrations. Two baits in one, the Flappin’ Grub is most effectively fished on an exposed hook jig, or if kicking motion is desired, the tail can be split and used on a jig or as a spinnerbait trailer. At 4 inches long, the Flappin’ Grub is available in 11 solid and dual colors and comes 10 pieces per bag.
Suggested retail price: $5.99

This year, Trigger X Aggression also expands its current all-star lineup of soft baits with new color patterns and sizes, providing anglers with more options for their next on-the-water adventure.